South Australia Space Forum

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7th South Australia Space Forum 

The South Australian Space Industry Centre invites you to attend the 7th South Australia Space Forum being held on Thursday 9 May 2019 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Supported by the Australian Space Agency, Deloitte and the Space Industry Association of Australia, this biannual forum provides the perfect opportunity to stimulate ideas, share information about emerging technologies and discuss industry trends.

The South Australia Space Forum is a free biannual event, which facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders in the Australian space sector and encourages growth and innovation within the space economy. This forum will focus on the following topics:

  1. Regulatory space
  2. The economics of space technology
  3. New opportunities in space
  4. R&D – SmartSat CRC

On the back of last year’s hugely successful 6th South Australia Space Forum, which attracted over 500 participants, this event aims to stimulate the Australian space ecosystem by:

  • Encouraging the exchange of information and promoting the latest industry developments
  • Showcasing South Australian capabilities to local and international investors
  • Assisting research organisations to identify industry needs and future areas of demand, particularly within STEM pathways
  • Promoting commercial application of new research and technologies.

This event is a must for anyone interested in the Australian space sector.

If you are interested in exhibiting on a display table during the event, please contact for more information.