Organisation Overview

Silentium Defence’s goal is to make passive radar a capability reality for the Australian Defence Force and its allies, as well as a commercially available product for other surveillance scenarios, such as space surveillance, airborne, maritime and/or ground-based traffic monitoring.

Expertise and Capabilities

Silentium Defence’s team have over 30+ years of experience in designing, developing and testing passive radar systems, and are recognised internationally as subject matter experts. They have built and/or demonstrated:

– Passive radar for surveillance of space using terrestrial broadcast sources
– Wide field of view sensor
– A 360 degree, persistent, passive radar capability that can exploit a wide variety of terrestrial broadcast sources, including FM radio, digital radio and digital television

Unique Selling Points 

Silentium Defence’s team includes internationally recognised subject matter experts in the passive radar field.  Silentium Defence specialises in the development of bespoke prototypes that meet specific customer applications and requirements.


  • R&D
  • Telemetry & Command Operations
  • Tracking