Applications for the 2021 Space Scholarship Program are now open!

About the Program

The Space Scholarship Program, delivered by the South Australian Space Industry Centre, provides scholarships for eligible South Australian entrepreneurs and innovators. The four-year program awards successful applicants with funding of up to $20,000 AUD to assist in the development of their leadership skills, experience and knowledge in the space sector through education, and/or training at best practice workplaces or educational institutions around the globe.

The scholarships support individuals who can demonstrate their interest in improving their knowledge and skills as potential founders of successful space-related enterprises. The scholarship program is part of the Space Innovation Fund initiative.

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Thanks to the Space Scholarship Program, I was able to commence my graduate training in space law under the guidance of leading practitioners, academics and business people at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Through the International Institute of Air and Space Law based at the university, I’ve been supported in attending the industry’s top forums and organisations. The South Australian Space Industry Centre saw the opportunity for South Australia to foster an alumni of Leiden University’s course and I am eager to return to Adelaide and help the state and Australia realise that opportunity.

Scott Schneider, 2019 Space Scholarship recipient.

The Space Scholarship Program enabled me to attend the Small Satellite Conference in Utah and also carry out research by visiting several wind farm customers in the United States and Denmark. I was able to significantly increase my knowledge on how I can be part of the space industry by enabling large scale deployment of our Internet of Things (IoT) devices using satellite communications. I can now confidently use the skills I learnt to commercialise our IoT system and grow my business as part of the South Australian satellite and space community.

Matthew Stead, 2019 Space Scholarship recipient

As a recipient of the Space Innovation Fund, I have been studying at ISAE-SUPAERO, a well-renowned aerospace institute with many aerospace industry relations. Beyond the coursework to obtain my Master’s degree, I have been given special visits to the Airbus assembly line and Cité de l’espace to learn more on the aerospace industry here in Toulouse. I have also begun a research project on the topic of Lunar resource utilisation, which is a field of expertise that I am interested in pursuing further work in and bringing back with me to the Australian space sector. I appreciate the support of the South Australian Space Industry Centre and South Australian Government in ensuring that I am able to complete this program.

Hamish McPhee, 2018 Space Scholarship recipient

The Space Scholarship Program enabled me to gain knowledge and skills at leading European space conferences and facilities. The chance to connect with international leaders in the space industry and academia was a transformative experience and has already yielded fruitful collaborative relationships related to my PhD research on electric propulsion.